Stainless Steel Horizontal ribbon mixer blender for powder

Introduction of Stainless Steel Horizontal ribbon mixer blender for powder
Horizontal ribbon mixer is used in dry mortar, putty powder, chemicals, putty paste, real stone paint, ceramics, refractories and other solid-solid (ie powder and powder) solid-liquid (ie powder and glue) It can also mix paste, viscous or larger specific gravity materials.

It is composed of a container, a spiral stirring blade and a transmission component: the spiral blade is generally made into two layers or three layers, the outer spiral collects the material from both sides to the center, and the inner spiral conveys the material from both sides of the center to form convection mix.

Features of Stainless Steel Horizontal ribbon mixer blender for powder

1. The mixing effect of the horizontal ribbon mixer is not affected by the size and density of the particles, and it also has a good mixing effect on viscous materials.
2. The stable mixing process reduces the damage to fragile materials, and the installation of the flying knife structure also plays a role in crushing.
3. The horizontal structure has a lower fuselage height and is easy to install.
4. In the stirring structure, the positive and negative rotating ribbons are installed on the same horizontal axis to form a low-power mixing environment.
5. The horizontal ribbon mixer is mainly used for the production of putty powder, and can also be used as an entry-level thermal insulation mortar mixer.

Operation of Stainless Steel Horizontal ribbon mixer blender for powder

1. Install the mixer horizontally. The platform is designed according to the height of the discharge valve from the ground. The whole machine is hoisted on the platform, and the discharge valve opens the connecting rod and handle flexibly.

2. Move in parallel, align the anchor bolts, place an iron block at the non-level position, make adjustments, tighten the nut or electric welding, until the equipment is stable.

3. It equipped with pneumatic devices, the air source can be connected to the cylinder, and it should be controlled by a solenoid valve.

Source pressure should be based on cylinder requirements. (Oil-water separator and air pressure gauge are provided by the user)

4. The operation control box should be configured according to the requirements of the production line (optional). The circuit control should adopt AC connection contact protection.

5. When installing, make sure that the rotation of the main shaft is correct. The motor and main shaft are marked with arrows to indicate the direction.

6. Please add 40# oil to lubricate the reducer before starting up. (The equipment has “pay attention to oil” and “refueling hole” Indicate) add it to the middle half of the oil mirror in the reducer case, and it cannot be lower than the oil level.

7. Test machine requirements: After confirming that the machine and the power supply line are all normal, the machine can be idling. First, there is no abnormality in jogging, and then it can enter the normal idling for 30 minutes. Check whether the temperature of the bearing seat of the main shaft of the motor reducer is normal. There should be no abnormal sound of bumping and rubbing

 Technical data of Stainless Steel Horizontal ribbon mixer blender for powder




Rotating Speed(RPM) Volume


Dimension(MM) Weight



11 43 1




15 33 2 2950*1110*1830 2500
WLDH-4 22 33 4 3700*1370*2120


WLDH-10 5.5 33 10 4900*1840*2700


* The mixing amount in the table is the data measured by the powder with the specific gravity of 1 as the medium. The selection of the horizontal ribbon mixer should be calculated according to the parameters such as the mesh number and specific gravity of the material.
* In case of high temperature, high pressure, flammable, explosive, corrosive and other working conditions, detailed data must be provided for further selection and customization

Function option of Stainless Steel Horizontal ribbon mixer blender for powder

Discharge method: manual electric pneumatic
Spindle sealing method: packing seal packing + air seal mechanical seal
Agitator form: two-way continuous ribbon, one-way continuous ribbon, two-way disconnected ribbon, one-way disconnected ribbon
Drive mode: direct-coupled split (belt/chain)
Mixer Material: Carbon Steel Material Contact Stainless Steel (SS304/SS316) All Stainless Steel (SS304/SS316) Internal Coating
Spindle: single-stage multi-stage
Cylinder opening: standard flange port, quick-open feeding port, dust collector port, manual feeding port, side cleaning door
Outlet valve: butterfly valve, ball valve, plum blossom valve, flap valve
Others: liquid spray/spray heating/cooling dust removal/vacuum temporary sampling