For the grinding machine, if it is not cleaned, the powder remaining in the pulverizer will be mixed with another material, thereby affecting the curative effect or flavor of other materials. So how to clean grinding machine? 

1. Cleaning clean grinding machine grinding chamber. The grindng material is carried out in the grinding chamber, so it is the focus of cleaning.

The main fixed part of the crushing bin and the motor is the “knife head” part inside the engine room. The top of the cutter head is fixed by a stainless steel screw. As long as the screw here is loosened with a wrench and the blade is taken off, the engine room and the motor can be separated. When separating, pay attention to unplug the link cable. The cleaning tools of the crushing bin involve special wrenches, brushes, etc. The grinder is equipped with a special wrench, which is just convenient to use when removing the cutter head. Hongda traditional Chinese medicine grinder is also equipped with a special cleaning brush. Please use clean water when cleaning the traditional Chinese medicine grinder, do not use other cleaning agents, you can use detergent at most for cleaning, and dry it with a dry cloth after washing.

2. Clean grinding machine other parts: mainly cleaning the screw cover and external parts of the pulverizer. These areas can be brushed lightly with a bristle brush, and if necessary, use water or detergent to clean it. Wet the product by spraying water, then pour it into the washing liquid, and stir the washing liquid and water evenly, so that the surface of the product can be evenly covered, so that the dirt will gradually become less sticky during this process. Chinese medicine grinder. Small household shredders can wet the brush and start scrubbing the surface as well as the interior, and this cleaning will remove most of the dirt from the product, both surface and interior, in an instant. After this process is completed, rinse the pulverizer with clean water to prevent the dirt that has fallen off from contaminating the product again, because the phenomenon of secondary adhesion is relatively bad.

Another method is to use a washing machine to clean grinding machine, fill the washing machine with water and detergent, and then put the traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer that needs to be cleaned into it. After that, the washing machine starts to operate, and the water flow inside will generate a strong flow force, so that a large amount of dirt inside the pulverizer will fall off and it is not easy to adhere to it again due to the rapid flow of water. The effect is also very ideal. After the traditional Chinese medicine pulverizer is cleaned with water, the related drying work is carried out to avoid unnecessary losses caused by excessive water retention time.