How to dry herbs?

How to dry herbs? -- overview Drying herbs is a processing procedure that involves dehydrating fresh herbs while maintaining their original ingredients and medicinal properties. Drying is to allow it to be stored for a long time. What's the [...]

January 25, 2024|

How to make rice powder?

What is rice powder? Rice powder, also known as rice flour, is a type of flour made from finely milled rice. It is a common substitute for wheat flour, especially for people who are gluten-intolerant or allergic to wheat. [...]

January 10, 2024|

Best machine used to grind chemicals to powder

Machines used to grind chemicals to powder When it comes to grinding chemicals into powder, the choice of machine depends on the specific requirements and characteristics of the chemicals you are working with. Here are a few common types [...]

December 29, 2023|

Coconut powder VS coconut milk powder VS coconut flour

Coconut powder VS coconut milk powder VS coconut flour overview Coconut powder, coconut milk powder, and coconut flour are three popular products derived from coconut meat, but they have different characteristics, uses, and nutritional values. This article will introduce [...]

December 27, 2023|

How to make coconut flour?

Coconut flour overview Coconut flour is a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour, made from dried, defatted coconut meat. It is a byproduct of coconut milk production, where the coconut meat is pressed to extract the milk, leaving behind the [...]

December 27, 2023|

How to make coconut milk powder

Coconut milk powder overview Coconut milk powder is made from fresh extracted coconut milk by adopting the advanced spray drying technology at present, which largely keeps the original flavor of coconut. Powdered, with good fluidity, good taste, easy to [...]

December 26, 2023|

How to make coconut powder?

Coconut powder overview Coconut, as one of the largest drupe fruits, is rich in nutrients and has a sweet and delicious taste. In recent years, with the development of coconut processing technology, virgin coconut oil (VCO), coconut juice, coconut [...]

December 21, 2023|

How to make egg shell powder?

Egg shell powder overview Egg shell powder is dried powder made from grinding discarded eggshells. It contains 94.54% calcium carbonate, 1.15% protein, 4.36% magnesium carbonate, and calcium phosphate. It has many benefits for health, garden, and skincare. Widely applicable [...]

December 18, 2023|

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