In China, there is a famous seasnoning brand named: Wangshouyi. It is mixed 13 kinds of spices powder, such as: nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, star anise, cumin, dried ginger etc, It almost appears in every family and every dinner. Why this mixed spices powder so popular? how to process the spices powder like it?

  1. spice pre-cleaning: spice dudt washing and impurities removing

The bubble washing machine can clean most kinds of spices to wash the dust and impurities. After washing, the air cooling machine can remove the surface water.

2. Spice Drying

Dehydrator can fast lower down the moisture content of the spices while keep the spices flavor.

Hot air circulating drying oven is very popular for small and medium scale spices drying. For large plant, can use belt type drying machine for continuous working.

3. Spice coarse crushing

Some spices like cinnamon is too large to grinding directly. It shall need coarse crusher to crushing into small pieces less than 10mm. Then goes to grinding machine for further process.

4. Spices powder grinding machine

Common spice grinding machine can grinding powder into 10-200mesh. For further fineness, micro powder grinder can grinding into 450mesh.

5. Spice powder sifting machine

For high class production, it can use vibrating sifter to grading the spices powder. The powder that does that meet the requried fineness can reprocess.

6. Spice powder mixing

This can mix 2 or more kinds of spices fast and evenly. V type mixertrough mixer3-D mixer optional.

7. Spice powder Packing machine

Popular spices package: spices jars and sachet.

For spice jar or bottle package, can use powder filling machine.

For spice sachet package, can use automatic powder packing machine.