Automatic Pharmacy Tablet Counter Machine

Introduction of Automatic Pharmacy Tablet Counter Machine:

The Automatic Pharmacy Tablet Counter Machine is a machine used for counting various shapes and sizes capsules, tablets, granules and other drugs or food in the pharmaceutical, hospital, food and other industries. Bottle capacity range 1-9999 pcs can be set.

It can work with other machines such as Bottle unscrambler, Counting machine, Inserter, Capping, Induction sealing, Sticker labeling, conveyor etc for complete pharmaceutical bottling line.

Features of Automatic Pharmacy Tablet Counter Machine:

  1. It has strong compatibility. can count and bottle different products of different shape and size,  such as tablets (including special-shaped tablets), capsules, soft capsules (transparent and opaque) pills.
  2. Vibration blanking: 8-32 channels vibration uniform blanking, unique flap sub-loading mechanism blanking, uniform and stable discharge, without damage to drugs.
  3. High dust resistance: it can work stably under high dust conditions.
  4. Accurate counting: photoelectric sensor automatically counts, and the bottling error is less than the national standard.
  5. The leakage nozzle with special structure can prevent drug blocking, and the medicine bottle with small mouth can also be quickly bottled (optional)
  6. High degree of intelligence, with a number of detection and alarm control functions such as no bottles, fault self-test, etc;
  7. Simple operation: adopt intelligent design, and set various operation parameters as required;
  8. Convenient maintenance: operators can operate with simple training. Disassembly, cleaning and replacement of parts are simple and convenient without tools;
  9. Sealing and dust prevention: equipped with dust removal box to reduce dust pollution (optional).
  10. PLC one-button lifting, compatible with bottles of different specifications and sizes.

Paramter of Automatic Pharmacy Tablet Counter Machine






Tablet/Capsule size(mm) Dimension





0.6 10-40 Tablet: 5.5-22


Pill: diam: 3-20

1250*1450*1450 320
RT-16A 1.2 20-80 Tablet: 5.5-22


Pill: diam: 3-20



RT-32A 1.5 40-120 Tablet: 5.5-22


Pill: diam: 3-20