Teabag is very common in our lives, it is also a way of drinking tea, and it is easy to carry, and there are many different types to choose from. So, what exactly is a teabag?

The teabag is based on the original tea, after blending, crushing, and packaging with filter paper. Teabags can be roughly divided into three categories: ordinary type, famous tea type, and nutrition and health care type.

The processing of teabag is a relatively mature process, and it is usually completed according to the following steps:

  1. Teabag formulation preparation

There are many types of teabags on the market, including black tea, green tea, oolong tea, blended health teas, herbal tea teabags, etc. According to the taste and function requirement to configure the product formula, and get a preliminary sample for customer reference.

2. Tea leaves Crushing

Common use stainless steel crusher to crushing the tea leaves into 1-2mm. Normally no thinner than 40mesh. Too small particles, may effect the measuring accuracy when packing, also too fine tea powder will make the soup muddy, further effect the taste.

3. Tea leaves screening

The crushed tea leaves can be screened with a vibrating screen. The sieve is generally 80 mesh, 60 mesh, 40 mesh, 24 mesh, 16 mesh. The screened ones that are smaller than 40 mesh can be used for other purposes, such as further crushing to make matcha powder.

4. Tea leaves mixing

After the tea is prepared in a certain proportion according to the formula, (if it is a health-care teabag, add a certain proportion of medicinal particles) stir the tea evenly with a blender.

5. Tea leaves drying and sterilization

After the mixing, the next step is to dry the tea in the drying oven. Generally, the temperature is set within a specific temperature. The specific time depends on the water content ratio of the tea. It can be converted into several times according to a certain amount and different time, and the water content can be detected equally with a water detector or analysis day. The moisture content shall be controlled within a certain range.
The sterilization of tea is very important. Only after the factory inspection can you find which index exceeds the standard. Generally, use ultraviolet lamp for sterilization, preferably with a lampshade, and focus the light source on the tea block. When the tea is thick, turn the tea around in the middle time, which is conducive to full sterilization. The sterilization time is controlled according to the thickness of tea. In this process, it is not allowed to contact tea with instruments that have not killed bacteria. Finally, remember to conduct a tea process inspection

6. Teabag Packaging

Finally the packaging process.There are different packing machine for different teabag packages.

① Common filter tea bags

② Tea bags with tags

③ Inner and outer tea bags packing machine

④Triangle tea bags packaging machine