Garlic is one of the popular spices that is commonly used in cooking and traditional medicine. Garlic deep processing can improve the use and utilization of garlic, forming various garlic products that are suitable for market needs and easy to preserve, and improving economic benefits. Common seen garlic products on market includes minced garlic, garlic powders, garlic salt etc, especially garlic powder is getting more and more popular. This article will talk about garlic powder benefits, difference between minced garlic VS garlic powder VS garlic salt,  how to make garlic powder?

Minced garlic

Garlic powders

garlic powder

Garlic salt

Difference between minced garlic VS garlic powder VS garlic salt

  1. Minced garlic, commonly used to add garlic flavor and seasoning. It is made by grinding or chopping fresh garlic, which can be chopped with a knife or crushed with a garlic press. Minced garlic is widely used in cooking and is commonly used in stir frying, stewing, pickling ingredients, and mixing cold dishes. Minced garlic not only has a unique aroma, but also helps to enhance the taste of dishes.
  2. Garlic powders is a food ingredient made by drying and grinding fresh garlic, with a wide range of uses. Firstly, it can be used as a seasoning to improve the taste of dishes, increase oil content, and enhance the flavor of plant-based seasoning during cooking. Secondly, it can also be eaten directly. At the same time, some pickles can be soaked garlic powders to make delicious food to increase the nutritional value.
  3. Garlic salt is a spice blends. It contains garlic powders, regular salt, and ingredients that prevent the mixture from clumping, commonly known as moisturizers. Common moisturizers in garlic salt include calcium silicate, and occasionally you may find other herbs in the salt, such as parsley.
Item Minced garlic Garlic powder Garlic salt
Taste Spicy, stimulating, long-lasting Spicy, no strong smell Salty with a hint of garlic aroma
Shelf 3 days 24 months 18 months
1kg garlic produce 0.7-0.8kg 0.3kg 0.4kg
Price(500g)in China 3USD 8USD 10USD
Usage cooking, BBQ, pickling ingredients food ingrident, eaten directly seasoning, go with rice or bread

How to make minced garlic?

Complete minced garlic process includes:

Garlic cloves separating – garlic peeling  – peeled garlic washing – garlic chopping

Can use garlic chopper machine, feeding fresh peeled garlic, and in an instant, minced garlic come out, with a size of about 3-5mm, irregular granules, not sticky, and no juice flows out

Is garlic powder good for you?

Garlic powders benefits:

  1. It contains rich nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc. Eating it in moderation can supplement the necessary nutrients for the human body, promote metabolism, and enhance immunity.
  2. It contains abundant allicin, which can promote the secretion of gastric acid and aid in the digestion and absorption of food. Moderate consumption can improve indigestion.
  3. It has a certain anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effect, and can inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria, thereby assisting in the prevention of infection.
  4. It can stimulate the taste buds, enhance appetite, and improve the condition of loss of appetite.

When adding garlic powders to food, it is important to pay attention to an appropriate amount and avoid excessive irritation to the mouth and digestive system.

Although garlic powders has many benefits, it is not suitable for all people to consume, especially those who are allergic to garlic, which can easily cause allergic reactions such as skin itching, redness, and swelling.

How to make garlic powder?

From garlic cloves to powder complete process includes:

Garlic cloves separating – garlic peeling  – peeled garlic washing – garlic slicing- garlic dehydrating – powder grinding – powder filling packaging

Garlic powders processing operation notice:

  1. The fresh garlic must be qualified. Choose garlic that is free from decay, pests, damage, and scars. Otherwise, it will affect the color and quality of the final garlic powder.
  2. To maintain flavor and ensure the condition of the product, the moisture content is generally controlled below 5%.
  3. Low temperature drying, drying at 55-60 ℃ for 5-6 hours is sufficient.
  4. Grinding the dehydrated garlic flake into fine powder. Then, sieve them through an 80-100 mesh sieve. Add a small amount of monosodium glutamate, refined salt, blend with crushed parsley etc., according to the proportion, which is garlic salt.

Garlic and garlic products can produce an unpleasant odor in the mouth after consumption, which is difficult for people to accept and makes many people hesitate to eat. Therefore, as a deeply processed product of garlic, it is important to remove the garlic odor while maintaining its spiciness Some deeply processed products often depreciate due to the garlic odor, such as allicin and garlic oil.

Therefore, let’s first introduce the method of garlic deodorization.

  1. Soak with citric acid and sodium thiosulfate in a certain ratio at a certain temperature.
  2. Tea leaves are soaked in boiling water in a ratio of 1:70 for 1-2 hours to obtain tea juice. Boil the garlic with tea juice in a 1:3 ratio of ingredients to water for 5 minutes, remove and drain, let it dry, and then rinse with clean water.

Garlic peeling machine

garlic peeling machine

Garlic flake dehydrator

Powder grinder

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