Automatic Powder Filling Machine for Spice

Introduction of Automatic Powder Filling Machine

The powder filling machine is suitable for the packing of powder materials in the chemical, food, agricultural industries; such as: milk powder, rice flour, corn starch, chili powder, coffee powder, washing powder, seasonings, feed etc.

It is applied with various packing containers such as bags, cans, bottles, etc.; has the function of automatic measuring, filling etc.

Advantages of Automatic Powder Filling Machine

1.  Durable transparent hopper, convenient for observing. Can add or change material in time. 

2.  PLC control, English touch screen operation

3. Can adjust the tray according to the height of bags and bottles.

4. High response weighing system ensures high accuracy.

5. Pneumatic bag clamping device mounted on the weight sensor.

6. SUS304 or SUS316 screw, screw mixing and measuring, evenly mixing to reduce residue and no powder leakage. 

7. Up to 10 formulas can be stored for later use.

8. Replace the screw attachment, can adapt to a variety of materials from ultra fine powder to small particles.

9. Stainless steel material, fully meet the needs of food and medicine.

10. It automatically display the number of packages, easily calculate the workload of the machine.

Optional device:  

1. Screw feeder conveyor 

2. Sealing machine

3. Combined with capping machine, labelling machine, can make automatic bottling line. 

Application of Automatic Powder Filling Machine

Popular for sugar, salt, coffee powder, cocoa powder, milk, flour, corn starch, washing powder, ginger garlic powder, chili powder, tea powder, food addictives, chemical powder, spices and herb powder etc. 

Parameter of Automatic Powder Filling Machine

Model RT-F2
Filling range 1-5000g
Filling accuracy ≤1%
Filling Speed 0-50time/minute
Material Food Grade SUS304 
Bucket volume 15-50L
Power 1.5KW/220V/380V/50HZ
Dimensions 690*600*1900mm
Weight 200kg

Complete spice processing line available.

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