Medium-sized vertical dry granulator

Introduction of Laboratory dry granulator

This dry granulator is currently the latest product of the dry granulator used in domestic laboratories. It only needs about 80 grams of powder to make its shape and obtain the required granules. The granule size and compactness are adjustable, which can adapt to different requirements. It improves the yield, has the characteristics of high efficiency, convenient use and maintenance, low noise, and good versatility. It is widely used in medicine, daily chemical, food and other fields.Laboratory dry granulator
This machine is manufactured in accordance with GMP requirements. The parts in contact with the material and the surface are made of stainless steel. The pressure wheel is made of special wear-resistant materials. The structure of the whole machine is simple and reasonable. It can be cleaned quickly, is convenient to discharge, and has no dead corners of material accumulation.

Features of Laboratory dry granulator

This machine is composed of a feeding mechanism, a tableting mechanism, a hydraulic mechanism, a frame and an electrical control. The feeding, tableting, and granulation all adopt frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, the pressure of the oil pump is adjustable, and the fineness of the finished product can be changed by changing different The screen is obtained. Improve the granulating cage to increase the yield of granules. The machine is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean, and the parts in contact with materials are all made of stainless steel. The product meets GMP requirements. The material is added from the top feeding funnel, forced to be squeezed into flakes by two pressing wheels, and then enters the lower granulating chamber. In the granulating chamber, the flake material is broken by the granulating blade, and then enters the granulating chamber until the particles are less than or equal to Mesh aperture, the particles pass through the mesh screen to the tray. The required particle size can be determined by adjusting the size of the screen.

Working Principle of Laboratory dry granulator

According to the mechanical extrusion granulation process principle, the prepared dry powder or fine crystal raw materials with a certain amount of crystal water are extruded into flakes, and then the granulation system is passed through the screen to make granules of the required size. The raw materials can be fed into the hopper by manual or vacuum feeder, conveyed and compressed by the vertical feeding screw, and pushed to the bite angle of the two squeezing rollers; the raw materials are squeezed into thin sheets (pressing rollers) by the horizontal pressure rollers. The speed of the roller determines the time that the material stays in the roller nip); the pressure required by the material is linearly transmitted to the pressure roller through the hydraulic device, and the vertical arrangement of the pressure roller can ensure the density of the material. The machine is easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.

Application of Laboratory dry granulator

It is used for dry powder granulation requirements in edible pharmaceutical, pesticide, food, chemical and other industries.

Pharmaceutical industry-pharmaceutical granules, traditional Chinese medicine prescription granules, anti-biomass capsule filling granules, anti-biomass direct injection granules, animal medicinal granules, powdered dialysis preparations;
Food Industry-Granules for condiments and spicy condiments, granules for dessert preparation, granules for health food, granules for convenience foods, condiments, dairy products, and health care products
Chemical industry and others-cosmetics, pesticides, chemical industry drugs, animal feed, detergents.

Ferrite block talc, porcelain materials, oil-bearing bearings, electromagnetic materials and other metallurgical particles in the electrical and mechanical industries.

Phenol, urea, melamine, epoxy resin and other plastic molded particles in the plastic industry.

In the chemical industry and other industries, particles such as catalysts, fertilizers, feeds, pigments, cosmetics, flour milling and various detergent chemicals.

Parameter of dLaboratory dry granulator

Model RT-G70
Roller size 150*70mm
Capacity 12-60kg/h
Rotating speed of pressure roller  0~46rpm
Screw speed 0-90rpm
Granulation speed 0-377rpm
Finished product size 0.3-3.5mm   10-100mesh
Pressure roller 0-15Mpa
Power  6.2kw
Dimensions 1250*790*1820mm
Weight 1200kg