Pharmaceutical Powder Granulator Machine for Capsule Tablet

Introduction of Powder Granulator Machine for Capsule Tablet

The granulator machine is a granulation equipment specially designed for various pharmaceutical, food, health care products and chemical plants.

When working, the powder is added into the hopper, and directly made into granules and formed at one time, which not only saves costs but also improves the quality of products.

Final granules are smooth and bright, with moderate hardness, which is  also used for tablet and capsule production.

It can also be used to break up some strips and irregular brittle, easy to loose materials, as the previous process of grinding.

Features of Granulator Machine for Capsule Tablet

1.  The final granules can be φ 0.8~8mm by changing screen. 

2. High efficient with the screen opening 360-degrees

3. Made of stainless steel. SUS304, or SUS316 for option.

4. High granulation rate and high quality granules.

5. Automatic discharge to avoid particle damage by hand, and suitable for flow operation

6. Low noise, high output, easy operation and maintenance.

7. The roller is easy to disassemble and clean. Easy to replace the screen. 

Operation notice of Granulator Machine for Capsule Tablet

1. Start the machine. Feeding the mixed raw material into the hopper. The rotating drum will squeeze the material through the screen to form into granules. 

For crushing large blocks, should add it gradually, and not be over filled up to avoid damage the screen.

2. If the raw material inside the hopper can do discharge smoothly, don’t shovel it by hand to avoid hand injury, use bamboo shovel or stop work. 

Parameter of Granulator Machine for Capsule Tablet


RT-250 RT-300


100-200kg/h 120-300kg/h




Granule diam 0.5-3mm


Dimension 700*540*1400mm