Automatic Rotary Tablet Press Machine ZP-5/7/9 Price

Introduction of Rotary Tablet Press Machine

The automatic rotary tablet press machine ZP-5/7/9 is mainly suitable for tablet technology research, laboratory trial production and small scale production in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is an automatic and continuous production equipment, can press round and irregular shape tablets with a diameter not larger than 20mm.  Can press tablets with words, symbols, logo etc..  The material should be particles and powder content not exceeding 10%

Features of Rotary Tablet Press Machine ZP-5/7/9

1.  Maximum tablet thickness is 8mm, adjust it by press button. 

2. Tablet size: 4-20mm, change moulds for different shapes and size tablets. 

3. It can adjust the hardness of the tablets by press pressure button. 

4. The press machine can adjust the speed 0-50r/m. 

5. Overload protection. Automatic shutdown when pressure overload. 

Mould of Features of Rotary Tablet Press Machine ZP-5/7/9

1.  Normally, the moulds is 4-20mm round shape. 

2. There are flat bevel and shallow concave 2 kinds, you can choose one. 

3. For irregular shape, need to customize the moulds. 

4. To customize the moulds, need clients provide samples, exact size and pics. 

5. It will take 7-15days to customize the moulds. 

Notice: when the moulds not use for a long time, need to soked into oil, so as not effect use next time. 

Application of Rotary Tablet Press Machine ZP-5/7/9

1.  Pharmaceutical: Chinese / western medicine tablets, nutrient tablets

2. Food: candy, coffee, chocolate, spice tablets etc. 

3. Health products: milk tablets, Calcium tablets etc

4. Chemical industry:  Disinfection tablets, Camphor pill, fertilizer, catalyst 

Parameter of Rotary Tablet Press Machine ZP-5/7/9


ZP-5/7/9 ZP-5/7/9B RT-5/7/9/11A


5/7/9 5/7/9 5/7/9/11/12

Max pressure(kn)

40/40/40 60/60/60 50
Max diam  (mm) 12 20


Max filling depth(mm) 15 15


Max thickness

6 6 6


9000-16000 9000-16000 9000-17000
Power(kw) 1.5 2.2


Dimension(mm) 450*460*950mm 470*540*1020mm


Weight 180kg 280kg