TDP5 Single Punch Tablet Press Milk Tablet Press Machine

Introduction of Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

The single punch tablet machine can press powder and granular raw materials into 4-25mm diameter round and special shapes, and can also press tablets with characters, logo and designs.

The weight, thickness and hardness of the tablets of this machine can be adjusted, just change the moulds, can press different shapes tablets. 

Widely used in pharmaceutical factories, chemical plants, hospitals, scientific research units, laboratory trial production and small batch production.

Features of Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

1. Small desk top type, can work continuously, can also work by hand when no electricity. 

2. When work with electricity, it can produce 3500-4000 tablets per hour. 

3. Only one set punch die in the machine. The filling depth is adjustable. 

4. The surface of the tablet is smooth and the tablet weight is even. 

5. Can customize tablets according to requirements. 

6. Low raw material consumption (minimum experimental raw material consumption is only 200 grams).

7. No need prefessional technician to operate. Workers can learn and operate easily. 

8. The machine is made of cast iron, the mold is made of high hardness steel, long service life. 

9.  Small size, light weight, easy to move, simple operation. 

Operating skills of Single Punch Tablet Press Machine

1.  Add lubricating oil to all the oil cups, oil holes before use, and run empty to make each friction surface covered with oil film to extend the service life of the machine. 

2. Before and after each shift, manually test several tablets, and then turn on the electric tablet if there is no problem, which can extend the service life of the mold. 

3. After daily work, take out the residue powder and clean the machine. If not use for a long time, disassemble the die. Clean the working surface, coated with anti-rust oil, and cover with dust-proof clothing. The die should be wiped clean and immersed in oil for preservation.

Parameter of Single Punch Tablet Press Machine


Max Pressure 15KN 50KN


Max diam

12MM 20MM 25MM

Max depth

12mm 18mm 18mm









Dimension 570*380*630mm 650*440*650mm


Weight 90kg 145kg