Automatic Packing Machine for Snack Food 

Introduction of Automatic Packing Machine for Snack Food 

This automatic packing machine is suitable for small bag / sachet / pouch packaging in food, medicine, catering, chemical and other industries. such as: nuts, peanuts, beans, rice, wheat, corn, maize, grains, cereals, puffed snack food, potato chips, dates,candy, cookie, biscuit etc. 

Automatic Packing Machine for Snack Food

Advantages of Automatic Packing Machine for Snack Food 
1. The machine is made of 304 stainless steel, which complies with food GMP standards

2. PLC control, touch screen operation, simple and convenient, high speed and high efficiency

3. Can store a variety of packaging process, no need to adjust when changing products

4. The machine has a fault display system, which can help eliminate the fault, labor saving. 

5. Automatic weighing, printing, bag making, filling, sealing and conveying in one process

6. Can make various kinds of bags according to needs.

7. Optional device: 

①. Punching device ②. Special sealing method ③. Coder ④. air filling 

Application of Automatic Packing Machine for Snack Food 
1. Powder: Such as: sugar, salt, seasoning, coffee, cocoa, washing powder, spices, starch, flour etc.

2. Larger particles: like candy, dried fruit and vegetable, herbal tea, nuts, peanut, beans, soybeans,rice, wheat, corn, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds etc.

3. Puffed food: for example, rice crackers, potato chips, French fries, pop corn, plantain chips etc.
Paramter of Automatic Packing Machine for Snack Food 

Model RT-320
Film width 320mm
Bag length 30-150mm
Bag width 25-150mm
Packing speed 40-100bag/minute
Packing material OPP/CPP.OPP/CE.MST/PE/PET/PE
Power 1.8KW/220V/380V/50HZ
Dimensions 650*850*1950mm
Weight 250kg

How to choose Automatic Packing Machine for Snack Food ?

1. The raw material—- for what kinds of packing machine 

2. The bag size—–for packing machine model 

3. The bag weight, packing speed— for weighing system

4. Sealing way——-back sealing, 3/4 sealing, continuous bag, special cut etc.