Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine with Label & Tag

Introduction of Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine with Label & Tag
The automatic tea bag packing machine is suitable for packing: tea, coffee, Chinese herbal medicine, formula tea, health tea, Chinese herbal tea and other materials, such as: black tea, green tea, flowers, roses etc.

Can pack into flat filter paper tea bag, pyramid triangle tea bag, inner and outer tea bags, round pod, tea bag with tag and line, nylon teabag etc.

Feature of Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine with Label & Tag

1. High speed, up to 3000 bags / hour (actual capacity depends on material ).

2. The machine can use packaging roll film with line and label.

3. For different raw material, the weighing system is optional. Irregular shape materials that cannot be weighed by a measuring cup, can use scale weighing.

4. PLC control, touch screen, can set and adjust the process data freely.

5. Main motor protection device

6. Automatic fault alarm and shutdown

7. Can complete the functions of feeding, measuring, bag making, sealing, cutting, counting, finished teabags conveying and so on.

8. The inner bag adopts ultrasonic sealing and cutting, firm and reliable.

9. The inner and outer bags can be linked together and work separately.

Parameter of Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine with Label & Tag

Volumetric cup filler
Filling Range
Packing Speed
40-60 bags/min
Tag Size
Thread Length
Inner Bag Size
Outer Bag Size
Packaging film
Paper/plastic,tea filter paper,thread,tag paper, nylon

Our service:

1. Understand cutomer requirment: raw materia, bag size, bag form

2. Sample: customer can send sample product, we can test and send back products with commissioning video. 

3. Recommend suitable machines with best price 

4. Manufacturing, normally 10-15 working days 

5. Install, adjust and commissioning 

6. Welcome clients come to our factory for inspecation. 

7. Arrange delivery by sea, air, or express. 

8. After sale service: 1 year warranty and service life technical support.