Automatic powder packing machine for spices

Introduction of Automatic powder packing machine for spices
Automatic powder packing machine can complete all the work such as the measuring, bag forming, filling, sealing, coding, printing, cutting, counting and so on. Widely used to packaging powder in pharmaceutical, food, cosmetics, chemical and other industries. 

automatic powder packing machine for spices

Advantages of Automatic powder packing machine for spices
1. Touch screen display, simple operation, stable performance, reliable quality.

2. The bag length is accurate and easy to adjust.

3. Heat sealing temperature controller to ensure the sealing quality.

4. Replace some parts, it can realize three sides seal, four sides seal, flat bag and pillow bag, bags with hanging holes, continuous bags, stand-up pouch, stick sachet, bag with special cut etc. 

5. The electrical sensor detects the color on the packing film to keep a perfect picture on each bag. 

6. The packaging volume is adjustable within the range.

7. Automatical coder printer, can printing date and batch number. 

8. Machine is made of stainless steel, easy to clean. 

Application of Automatic powder packing machine for spices
1. Various kinds of powder, such as: food additives, milk powder, soybean powder, protein powder, Chinese herb powder, medicine powder, spices, chili, curry, tea powder, seasoning, starch, baking powder, washing powder, sugar, salt etc.

2. Packaging materials: Paper/ PE, PT / PE, PET / Plated Al / PE, PET / PE, tea filter paper etc

Operation of Automatic powder packing machine for spices:

1. Set the data by the touch screen 

2. Feeding the raw material into the hopper. Can continuously feeding with screw feeder or vacuum conveyor. 

3. It will work automatically to finished bags. 

Parameter of Automatic powder packing machine for spices

 Bag style

Back seal/3 sides seal/4 sides seal

Packing speed

24-60 bag/min

Bag length


Bag width

25-145mm(Need to replace the  Former)

Filling range

Power Consumption






Carton Size