Stainless Steel Powder Mixer for Food Spice Mixing 

Introduction of Stainless Steel Powder Mixer for Food Spice Mixing 
The Stainless Steel Powder Mixer 3 D mixer is widely used for mixing materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light industry and scientific research units.
Due to the multi-directional movement of the mixing barrel, there are many mixing points of the material in the barrel, which accelerates the flow and diffusion of the material, the mixing effect is remarkable.

Stainless Steel Powder Mixer for Food Spice Mixing

Features of Stainless Steel Powder Mixer for Food Spice Mixing 

1.With special three-dimension swinging, parallel moving and rolling, Each component can be mixed under wide gap of weight proportion, mixing rate reaching over 99.9%.

2.The machine is made of SUS304, or SUS316, mirror polished of inner and outer shell to meet GMP standard.

3.Short mixing time(2-15 minutes per batch) and high efficiency, the loading rate reaches 80%. (The rate of ordinary mixers in only 40%.)

4. The discharge end of the mixing cylinder is an eccentric cone design, there is no dead angle in the discharge, and it is easy to clean.

5. Low noise, low energy consumption, long life, small size, simple structure, easy to operate and maintain.

6. According to the material mixing requirements, can adjust the mixing time; while mixing dry materials, it also has the function of timing and quantitative liquid spraying.

7. Can just change cyliner for different materials to avoid cross infection, save time and labor, greatly improve economic efficiency.

Technical data of Stainless Steel Powder Mixer for Food Spice Mixing 




Working volume


Loading (kg) Rotating speed(RPM) Weight



0.55 4.5 1.5-2.7 0-20 100
15L 0.75 13.5 4-8.1 0-20


50L 1.1 45 15-27 0-20



1.5 90 30-54 0-20 800


3 180 50-108 0-15 1000
400L 5.5 360 100-216 0-15


600L 5.5 540 150-324 0-13


1000L 11 900 250-540 0-10


1500L 15 1350 400-810 0-9


2000L 18.5 1800 500-1080 0-8