Two Dimensional Motion Powder Mixer

Introduction of Two Dimensional Motion Powder Mixer

This Two Dimensional Motion Powder Mixer is widely used in medicine, chemical, food, dye, feed, fertilizer, pesticide and other industries. It is especially suitable for the mixing of various solid materials with large tonnage (2000L~10000L). The mixing drum of this machine participates in swinging while driving, so that the materials in the drum can be fully mixed. The discharge of the mixing drum is equipped with spiral blades, which makes the machine have the characteristics of rapid mixing, large mixing volume, and convenient discharge.

Working principle of Two Dimensional Motion Powder Mixer

This Two Dimensional Motion Powder Mixer is mainly composed of material barrel, upper and lower frame, rotating device, swing device and electrical control. The mixing barrel of this machine rotates and swings at the same time, so that the materials in the barrel can be fully mixed. The rotating device is a cycloidal pinwheel reducer, which is located in the upper frame. When working, the reducer drives the driving shaft through the sprocket and chain, and then rotates the barrel through the driving wheel. The swing device is located in the lower frame, and a worm gear reducer is selected. When work progresses, the motor is driven to the reducer through a pulley and a V-belt, and then the upper frame is shaken through the connecting rod assembly to make the material tube swing at an angle. The electrical control buttons and instruction lights are installed on the side of the frame. There are start, stop and jog control switches for rotation and swing respectively, which is easy to operate.

Features of Two Dimensional Motion Powder Mixer
1. There is a vacuum feeding interface on the feeding port cover, which can be quickly connected to the vacuum feeding machine to realize automatic feeding, which reduces labor intensity and improves efficiency. At the same time, it also realizes dust-free operation and does not pollute the workshop environment. , In line with specifications.

2. The mixing cylinder makes swinging motion while rotating, so the mixing efficiency is high, and the uniformity of material mixing can reach 99%.

3. The inclination angle of the cylinder body is as large as 30 degrees to prevent blockage during high-position feeding and also facilitate production. There is a discharging guide plate in the mixing cylinder, which makes the discharging fast and without residual material.

4. The discharge adopts vacuum butterfly valve, which is easy to operate, the discharge volume can be controlled, and there is no dust.

5. The feeding end is equipped with a step and a feeding platform, and the panel is a stainless steel checkered plate, which is non-slip and firm, which is convenient for the operator to feed the equipment.

6. The electrical control box is well sealed, dust-proof and moisture-proof, which improves the safety performance and service life of electrical control, and is convenient and simple to set up and operate.

Parameter of Two Dimensional Motion Powder Mixer

Model Volume Capacity Capacity  Max Speed Power Dimensions Weight
L L kg rpm kW mm kg
EYH-60 60 30 15 50 0.4 700*730*990*1100 115
EYH-150 150 75 37.5 37 1.15 800*1050*1340*1450 190
EYH-300 30 150 75 30 1.15 900*1350*1400*1550 340
EYH-600 600 300 150 23.6 3 1170*1640*1910*2050 1150
EYH-800 400 400 200 19.8 3 1320*1950*2000*2150 1600
EYH-1000 1000 500 250 19.8 3 1360*2040*2170*2300 1700
EYH-1500 1500 750 375 16.2 4.4 1580*2400*2170*2550 2000
EYH-2000 2000 1000 500 16.2 7.4 1740*2600*2550*2770 2600
EYH-3000 3000 1500 750 13.8 11 1800*2900*2800*2950 3500
EYH-6000 6000 3000 1500 11.2 18.5 2300*2900*3100*3800 6100
EYH-8000 8000 4000 2000 10.4 22 2540*4100*2650*4050 7900
EYH-10000 10000 5000 2500 9 30 2900*4500*2650*4050 9500