V-type Powder Mixer for Spice Herb 

Introduction of V-type Powder Mixer for Spice Herb 

The v type powder mixer is  applied to good liquidity dry powder and granular material mixing in pharmacy industry, chemical industry, food industry.

This mixer adopts v type mixing cylinder structure, high efficiency, no blind angle.

V-type Powder Mixer for Spice Herb

Features of V-type Powder Mixer for Spice Herb 

1.It can mix two or more kinds of dry powder, granule materials with good liquidity.

2.The mixer consists of two asymmetric cylinders. The materials can flow as vertical and horizontal direction. The mixing uniformity will be above 99%.

3.Made of SUS304, (SUS 316 optional), meets the requirement of GMP standard.

4.There is no driving structure inside, no dead corner, easy to be clean.

5.Compact structure, easy operation, and easy maintenance.

6.Equipped with electric controller, can set mixing time to realize automatic stop.

7.Can work with vacuum feeding system to create dust-free working condition.

Operation of V-type Powder Mixer for Spice Herb 

1. Check the machine:

(1).whether there are foreign objects in the machine, and the inner hopper should be dry 

(2).There should be no obstacles around the mixer to avoid accidents during working.

2. Prepare all kinds of materials that need to be mixed. The materials must be dry. 

If the material is wet,  can use the trough mixer, or drying before mixing.

3. Feeding the material, generally add about 50% of the volume to mix evenly, then tighten the inlet cover.

4. Turn on the power first, set the mixing time (H hours, M minutes, S seconds), then start the switch. 

5. Open the discharge port cover until the material in the hopper is fully discharged.

Technical data of V-type Powder Mixer for Spice Herb 




Working volume


Loading (kg) Rotating speed(RPM) Weight



0.55 25 15 25


150L 0.75 75 45 20



1.1 150 90 20 820


1.5 250 150 18 1250


3 500 300 15 1800
1500L 4 750 450 12


2000L 5.5 1000 600 12


3000L 5.5 1500 900 9