Introduction of Best fruit dryer machine hot air drying oven

Fruit dryer is a machine for rapid drying of fruits. The fruit drying oven uses hot air as the drying medium to heat and dehydrate cleaned fruits, vegetables, and other materials in a closed oven, in order to achieve sterilization, disinfection, and preservation of food. Popular dried fruit products on the market are dried fruit slices, fruit powder, fruit leather.

Features of Best fruit dryer machine hot air drying oven

  1. The entire fruit drying oven adopts a fully enclosed structure, with hot air circulating inside the oven, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  2. Adopting a built-in high-temperature resistant circulating fan, greatly reducing heat loss and strengthening heat transfer.
  3. There is an adjustable air distribution plate inside the fruit drying machine, which can adjust the opening up and down to ensure uniform temperature inside the oven.
  4. The insulation layer thickness is 80mm and made of white ultrafine glass wool, which meets GMP standards and has low heat loss.
  5. The trolley and tray is a unified industry standard, and the tray is suitable for multiple industries with strong interchangeability.
  6. Automatic constant temperature control, timed working hours, mechanized production, stable batch product quality.
  7. We can customize non-standard sizes according to customer requirements, with various heating methods and materials available for customization.

Structure of Best fruit dryer machine hot air drying oven

The fruit dryer machine is equipped with an automatic temperature control system for precise temperature control. There is an adjustable air distribution plate inside the box, which ensures uniform temperature inside the box. Adopting a low noise and energy-saving built-in circulating fan, the operation is balanced, greatly reducing equipment noise and heat loss. The air inlet is equipped with an air filter, and the standard is equipped with a dehumidification device.

Operation process: How to dry fruits in the hot air circulation oven

  1. Prepare fruits: Choose fresh and ripe fruits, such as apples, bananas, mangoes, etc., wash, peel, and cut into appropriate thin slices. We can recommend suitable fruit peeling machine as well.
  2. Pre treatment: Soak the fruit slices in a solution containing anti browning agents or antioxidants to avoid fruit discoloration and quality degradation.
  3. Load fruit slices: Spread the pre-processed fruit slices evenly on the drying screen, leaving a certain interval.
  4. Load into the fruit dryer machine: Place the trolley into the preheated hot air circulation oven, close the door, and start the equipment.
  5. Set drying parameters: During the drying process, control parameters such as drying temperature, humidity, and time based on the characteristics and drying requirements of different fruit slices.
  6. Detection: Regularly check the drying condition of fruit slices. If the desired drying degree is reached, the trolleys can be took out for the next step of operation
  7. Cool: Place the dried fruit slices in a well ventilated area for natural cooling treatment.
  8. Packaging and storage: Put the cooled fruit slices into a dry and ventilated container for packaging and storage to maintain their freshness and taste.

How to choose the best fruit dryer machine?

  1. According to the capacity: we have different models from 10kg/batch to 500kg/batch or customized large tunnel hot air drying oven. You can choose according to your business scale.
  2. According to heating source: we have heat pump dryer, or burning biomass pellets, coal, gas or steam heating type. You can choose according to your local resources.
  3. Different fruit characteristics, there are different requirements for drying temperature and time. We can recommend suitable fruit dryer according to your business.

Parameter of fruit dryer machine hot air drying oven 

Model Heating Source Power Capacity Trays Trolley Dimension
RT-D1 Electric/steam 12KW 60kg 24 1 1380*1200*2000mm
RT-D2 Electric/steam 15KW 120kg 48 2 2260*1200*2000mm
RT-D3 Electric/steam 30KW 240kg 96 4 2260*2200*2000mm
RT-D4 Electric/steam 45KW 360kg 144 6 2260*3200*2000mm
RT-D5 Electric/steam 60KW 480kg 192 8 4600*2200*2270mm

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