Introduction of Best Dehydrator for Jerky

The best dehydrator for jerky is a general dehydrating equipment, can quickly and safely dehydrating jerky. Beef jerky /meat jerky originally moisture content is around 50-60%,  it needs to be processed into a very dry form for long-term storage. The best dehydrator for jerky can help people achieve this goal quickly and conveniently.

Features of Best Dehydrator for Jerky

  1. The entire best dehydrator for jerky ovenadopts a fully enclosed structure. Most of the hot air circulates in the oven. The thermal efficiency is as high as 50%, saving energy.
  2. The thickness of the insulation layer is 80-200mm, and ultra-fine silicate fibrous cotton is used to further reduce thermal loss.
  3. Heating source: steam (0.02-0.8MPa), electricity(3 phase electricity, voltage can be customized), hot air furnace (burning firewood, coal, oil, gas), etc. for users to choose.
  4. Working temperature: Steam heating 50-140℃, and the electricity temperature of 50-350℃. The use of temperature is greater than 140℃or less than 60℃, and it is necessary to indicate when ordering. The dehydrator for beef jerky common use 60-80℃.
  5. Using the forced ventilation effect, the dehydrator machine has a adjustable division of wind plates, which can adjust the gap up and down to control the circulation of air volume, so that the material in the oven is dried uniform.
  6. High -quality materials: 201/304/316 stainless steel materials are optional. The surface polishing treatment can be selected, wire drawing, mirror polished, matte surface etc.
  7. Intelligent temperature control system: automatic constant temperature, automatic damp discharge, timing stop, ultra -temperature alarm, self -rectification of temperature, fixed temperature humidity PLG program control, multi -stage control, pressure monitoring, air volume monitoring, explosion -proof system.
  8. Energy consumption: For reference model RT-D1, installation power 15KW, actual power consumption 5-8kw/h.
  9. Drying trays standard size 460x640x45mm, can work with all the models.
  10. Special requirements can be special customized.

Quick questions of Best Dehydrator for Jerky

1 . How long in dehydrator for jerky?

Normally 6-10 hours for dehydrating beef jerkys at 60-80 celsuis degree.

2. How to use a dehydrator for jerky?

  1. According to processing requirements, cut the beef into pieces or strips, slices, diced meat, etc. that are suitable for making jerky meat
  2. According to taste requirements, various seasonings are added to beef jerky marinade, such as salt, soy sauce, white sugar, five spice powder, chili powder, etc. The beef jerky marinade should be stirred evenly to ensure full flavor. Generally, processing plants choose vacuum tumbler.
  3. Loading the beef meat on the trays evenly. Do not stick to each other, and leave a little distance between the meat strips to facilitate ventilation, breathability, and even drying.
  4. Pull into the oven, close the door. Set temperature 60-80 celsuis degree, drying time 8-10 hours.
  5. After complete the drying, cooling the beef jerky to room temperature, then storage into container or package.

Complete beef jerky maker machines available.

3. Beef jerky recipes for reference

  1.  For 1000g beef

2-3g white sugar 20-30g, five spice powder 2.5g , chili powder 2.5g, salt 20g,  gourmet powder 3g , wine 10g,  fennel powder 1g, premium soy sauce 40g, sodium benzoate 0.5, nutmeg  powder 1g

2. For 1500g beef

Spice formula: cumin 50g, dried chili peppers 20g, Chinese prickly peppers 20g, star anise 10g,  Angelica 5g,  cinnamon 5g, cardamom 5g,  Amomum tsao-ko without seeds 5g, and fragrant leaves 2g.

Note: Crush the large and hard spice into granules or powder for use.

Vegetable Ingredients: celery 150g,  coriander 50g ,  shredded onion 150g,  ginger slices 100g, scallion segments 100g, carrot slices 100g

Seasonings: light soy sauce 150g, cooking wine 100g, white sugar 20g, monosodium glutamate 10g, chicken essence 10g.

Paramter of Best Dehydrator for Jerky

Model Heating Source Power Capacity Trays Trolley Dimension
RT-D1 Electric/steam 12KW 60kg 24 1 1380*1200*2000mm
RT-D2 Electric/steam 15KW 120kg 48 2 2260*1200*2000mm
RT-D3 Electric/steam 30KW 240kg 96 4 2260*2200*2000mm
RT-D4 Electric/steam 45KW 360kg 144 6 2260*3200*2000mm
RT-D5 Electric/steam 60KW 480kg 192 8 4600*2200*2270mm

Non standard customized Best Dehydrator for Jerky

  1. Size: designed according toyour capacity required.
  2. Temperature: designed according to yourrequirements for temperature range, temperature uniformity, and other technical indicators
  3. Structure type: integral type, assembled type
  4. Heating type: electric heating, fuel oil, gas heating, steam heating, mixed heating
  5. Hot air circulation method: Based on the different raw material, choose reasonable hot air circulation method, such as side air single circulation, top air double circulation, etc
  6. Door opening method: front door, front and rear door, top door, lifting door
  7. Control panel: digital display instrument temperature control, time proportional temperature control instrument temperature control, intelligent temperature control instrument temperature control

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