Industrial Red Chili Drying Machine Mesh Belt Dryer

Introduction of Industrial Red Chili Drying Machine Mesh Belt Dryer

The red chili drying machine is a continuous production of drying equipment, it uses multi-layer stainless steel mesh belt to achieve the material ’s feeding,transporting,drying and discharging.

Instead of traditional drying process, the mesh belt drying machine not only has high reliability, but also shortens the cycle of drying, improves the work efficiency, and effectively save energy.

Features of Industrial Red Chili Drying Machine Mesh Belt Dryer

1. Full automatic, the water content and temperature are controlled by electrical cabinets. According to actual demand,  can adjust freely.

2. It is of low labor cost. One person can complete all process.

3. All processes are under a closed environment, it can reduce the heat loss, so low power consumption.

4. The speed of the mesh-belt is constant, so the final material is highly uniform.

5. Compact design, it can save your working site.

Working Principle of Industrial Red Chili Drying Machine Mesh Belt Dryer

1. Put the raw material on the mesh-belt uniformly. Then the transmission device will carry the mesh-belt to keep moving forward.

2.In the mesh-belt, there are some heater pipes. When the hot air drying equipment start the power, the heater pipes will produce great heat to dry the raw material.

3.It is composed of several unit. Each unit is interlinked, so that the hot air can be successively used. And it can improve the drying effect.

4.The hot air always around the surface of the raw material and turn water into water vapor, then the raw material complete the drying process.

5.At the top of the mesh belt drying machine, there some small blowers. The small blowers  will take the water vapor out and left the dried raw material.

Technical data of Industrial Red Chili Drying Machine Mesh Belt Dryer






Temperature (℃) Dimension





11.4 60-160 50-140 9.56*1.49*2.3 4500


14.6 85-220 50-140 9.56*1.9*2.4


RT-2-8 19.7 100-260 50-140 9.56*2.32*2.5


RT-2-10 24.5 120-300 50-140 11.56*2.32*2.5